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NEW DATES CONFIRMED! 24-26 November 2014
Following the great success of last year's inaugural event, CSR Saudi Arabia returns bringing together critical stakeholders across the CSR value chain including corporations, government bodies, NGOs, foundations and SMEs to debate and discuss how to develop successful CSR initiatives and programmes that drive sustainable development across the Kingdom.
Insight into your challenges, including:
Developing and integrating CSR strategies into the core of the business
Effectively measuring and reporting the outcomes and performance of your CSR programmes
Aligning your CSR strategy with your business' goals and objectives
Building CSR awareness across the organisation and community
Focus on PPP: How can private corporations work with government sectors, NGOs and foundations to help develop their capabilities?
Partnering with the right NGOs and foundations to meet your business and CSR objectives
Involving the CEO and senior management in your CSR strategy development to ensure organisation-wide buy-in
Elevating CSR to a senior corporate level and embedding sustainability and social values
Building an effective communication and marketing strategy to ensure stakeholder engagement
Utilise expert knowledge to initiate gender diverse opportunities

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Partner with CSR Saudi Arabia 2014

Does your corporation have a well-established CSR strategy and is a thought leader in the field?

We are offering a select number of companies the opportunity to be involved in the biggest CSR event in the region. You can place your organisation at the heart of the event and play a role in developing the Kingdom's national CSR agenda.

Learn more about how you can support sustainable corporate, social and economic development in the Kingdom and position your company's CSR strategy as best practice! Contact Faaris Khalil on +971 (0)4 407 2442 or Faariss.Khalil@iirme.com for more information on how to take part.

"Very educating and informative Summit….gives inspiring ideas on CSR projects and initiatives" Al Fakih Holding "

- Al Fakih Holding

"Good event with interesting speakers and themes."

- International Youth Foundation

"Good CSR practices"


"Inspirational speakers with worldwide best practice approaches and great examples of how CSR is applied in Saudi Arabia"

- Hyder Consulting

"The Conference was a learning opportunity for myself and very relevant"

- Saudi Aramco

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